RDM Tool 

Device Management Platform for IT Administrators and Service Desk

RDM is a modern device platform to monitor, support and manage your device fleet anywhere, at any time.

RDM Overview

RDM is a Cloud-based SaaS solution which enables the IT department with a powerful Device Management platform in order to perform routine day to day operational tasks on any Windows based devices. The solution is designed keeping in mind that it can be used by the first level Service Desk technicians to the experts in order to support and resolve issues instantly on end-user devices. 

  • Support your users remotely without interfering with their everyday activity. 
  • You can remediate Windows device incidents or problems and perform device maintenance tasks. 
  • You can collect data from other systems (ConfigMgr, Active Directory and Intune) for centralized reporting.

SoluDe leverages powerful Azure architecture to simplify the way how the device ecosystem is supported.


RDM increases visibility by gathering advanced device inventory and detecting common device problems. It provides enhanced reporting on resolved device issues to highlight strengths or weaknesses.


RDM proactively analyzes possible security risks by collecting live data and monitoring actual device status. It checks the device compliance state and decreases potential future vulnerability incidents.


RDM grants instant access by allowing to execute and perform remote tasks while devices are on any network. It immediately resolves device issues through dynamic connectivity to restore functionality.


RDM effectively automates daily tasks by increasing sufficiency and reducing manual effort on simple support activities. It restores broken programs and maintains device management in the modern world.