Remote Device Managment

RDM is a modern device remote monitoring and managementplatform for your device fleet

With a single mouse click, you can resolve a problem, an incident, or force updates on single or multiple devices at any given time no matter the device’s physical location.

RDM Overview

RDM is an affordable and intuitive SaaS solution that weaponizes all IT professionals with apowerful Remote Device Management platform to perform day to day operational tasks, andactivities on any Windows devices. RDM helps to troubleshoot a device’s issues no matter itsphysical location and in a complex network inf rastructure. This solution can be used byadvanced experts as well as first-level Service Desk technicians to assist and resolve end-userdevice issues. There are no requirements for any inf rastructure and future maintenance towork with RDM. We leverage powerful Cloud architecture to simplify the way how device’s ecosystem is managed, maintained, and supported.



RDM increases visibility by collecting advanced device hardware & software inventory.It detects common device issues and provides enhanced reporting to highlight device strengths and/or weaknesses.


RDM analyzes possible security risks by proactively monitoring the status of the device. Itchecks its compliance state against custom rules and decreases potential future vulnerability incidents by highlighting incompliant devices along with specific issues.


RDM grants remote access to authorized personnel by allowing them to execute actions on end-user devices. It runs tasks remotely while the device is on any network and it instantly resolves device issues either with or without user notice (depends on the company’s internal rules and practices).


RDM automatically checks device status against set requirements. It effectively validates running programs and, if necessary, enables missing device components to increase sufficiency and reduce manual effort.


Instant Connectivity

Access all Windows devices 24/7 if those devices have a connection to any network, private or public, and no matter their physical location, either home with the user or in the office.

Multi Actions

Execute an action on single or multiple devices to restore device functionality through the web portal or mobile app, such as pending reboot, hanged processes, stopped services, missing updates, etc.

Deployment Tasks

Send files or registry entries to any devices that are missing company set requirements to comply with policy rules for access or using internal company resources.

Remote Access

Provide remote support to end-users through Windows built-in technology over the internet with user consent or run a task in the backend without mandatory user consent.

Software Distribution

Push 3rd party applications to devices that are not compliant with required versions or install most common applications, such as Office 365, VPN, Power BI, ConfigMgr client, etc.

Live Logs

Troubleshoot device issues by gathering live data directly f rom the device either through the currently available log file or generated MDM logs manually to identify device status.

Device Compliance

Scan devices automatically for malicious files to check for vulnerabilities and against custom compliance rules, such as Windows 10 versions, builds or O365 version, builds, etc.

Software Asset Management (SAM)

Track installed software on end-user devices to calculate and predict licensing budgets and to detect no longer needed, not approved or managed software.

You can provide end-user support remotely without interfering with end-user activity.You can remediate Windows and Application incidents and perform maintenance tasks.You can track OS and software compliance to ensure its alignment with company standards.You can collect and compare device data within a single platform for centralized reporting.

1. Sign Up

Simply complete the sign-up form. Next, receive an email notification to accept an invite to be enrolled in the UonCloud Azure AD, this will grant you access to your tenant in the RDM portal where you will find the RDM client for device enrollment.

2. Deploy

Download the RDM client f rom the RDM portal and install it on any Windows device either manually or through the distribution system. You will see enrolleddevices available in the RDMportal right away. This allowsyou to start managing enrolled devices immediately

3. Manage

Now you can begin supporting your device fleetand gain access to the powerful Cloud reports in aninstant.

RDM has a subscription-based model where the customer pays a fixed fee for the number of enrolled devices either annually or monthly, please contact our Sales Team ( and get a quote for the number of devices you wish to enroll in the RDM portal.


RDM increases visibility by gathering advanced device inventory and detecting common device problems. It provides enhanced reporting on resolved device issues to highlight strengths or weaknesses.


RDM proactively analyzes possible security risks by collecting live data and monitoring actual device status. It checks the device compliance state and decreases potential future vulnerability incidents.


RDM grants instant access by allowing to execute and perform remote tasks while devices are on any network. It immediately resolves device issues through dynamic connectivity to restore functionality.


RDM effectively automates daily tasks by increasing sufficiency and reducing manual effort on simple support activities. It restores broken programs and maintains device management in the modern world.